Molson Coors

There's a drink for every occassion

The Business Problem: Millennials are drinking less beer than any other generation before them.

The Ask: Develop a line-up of new products that appeal to a new generation of beverage consumers that deliver against their needs and beliefs.

The Target Audience: Gen-Z; 19-25, health conscious, uber productive, and sober-curious. Grew up in the age of internet & extremely social media image-savvy.

Insight: “Gen Z doesn’t worry about work-life balance; they just live it...because they’ve already got it down.”

- Critical Vision 2019

And even though they aren’t drinking as much, they are still driven by occasions.

Occasions where they want to Recharge | Replenish | Relax

The Idea: #FindYourTempo

The Product: Tempo - a line of cold brew teas.