Air Travel 2.5

Meet you in the Middle

The Business Problem: Airlines are facing unprecedented losses because of the ongoing pandemic. While some airlines had stopped selling the middle seat to adhere with social distancing guidelines. 

Since July 1st, major Canadian carriers have resumed selling the middle seat. Causing consternation at both consumer and official levels.   

The Ask: Convince travellers to fly, while not overburdening an already taxed airline industry. 

Insight: The cost of safety outweighs the cost of a seat.

The Strategy: Provide flyers with a choice to maintain social distancing. 

The Solution: We meet you in the middle. 

Airlines can provide an option to travellers who would like to maintain social distancing to purchase the middle seat for half the cost. It will match travellers, who do so, with similar passengers. 

Ensuring, the safety of the passengers remains in their own hands.