Chevrolet Bolt

Empower the Anxious

The Business Problem: Electric Vehicles (EV) are becoming popular by the day. However, sales in Canada rely heavily on provincial rebates. And the decision to close the Oshawa plant further hampered GM’s EV sales.

Target Audience: Male and female suburban professionals, 25-45 years old. In-market for a new vehicle and are seriously considering the advantages of an electric vehicle.

The Ask: Persuade on-the-fence Electric Vehicle buyers to buy the Bolt EV.

Insight: Research suggested that even Electric Vehicle owners were anxious about the distance they could cover between charges, let alone considering consumers. And with charging stations being few and far in between, it only added to their doubts. This fear is better known as “Range Anxiety.”

The Strategy: Empower range anxious drivers with the help of Chevrolet Bolt and its best-in-class 383 km range battery.

The Solution:

A content hub that features documentary-style videos of influencers helicoptered into a remote BC location, Survivor-like. With nothing but the keys to a fully charged Bolt, we film the adventure home, while demonstrating the various features of the car.