Ottawa Tourism

Discovering Canada Starts Here

The Business Problem: Ottawa is not only the capital of Canada, but also a picturesque tourism destination. However, newcomers prefer other “Instagrammable” locations, such as Niagara Falls, Blue Mountain & Montreal.

Target Audience: Immigrants to Canada, both acculturated (3-5 years in Canada) and newcomers (0-2 years in Canada); Residing in the GTA.

The Ask: Drive awareness about Ottawa amongst ethnic groups in Ontario for the winter season.

Insight: Immigrants have an inherent urge to showcase their ‘Sense of Canadian Pride.’ They want to be recognised as ‘More Canadian’ faster.

The Strategy: Create an emotional campaign that brings in nationalistic pride through a destination pull.

The Solution: Showcase Ottawa as an embodiment of the country itself. And, there’s no better place than Ottawa to begin an immigrant’s journey of discovery in his new home.

You can view the creatives below.

TV Commercial

Print Ad

A print ad and advertorial combo created in the form of a travelogue to educate and entice audiences.