Ontario Racing

Take the path less trodden

Awards: Multiple Award Winner at the Marketing Awards 2020

The Challenge: Introduce Horse Racing to Chinese audiences from both Mainland China & Hong Kong

The Audience: The audience spectrum was divided into two streams of Chinese audiences.

  • Mainland Chinese had never experienced or considered Horse Racing as a means of entertainment. They preferred Karaoke or lunches at Dimsum restaurants.

  • Hong Kong Chinese who had a taste of Horse Racing but didn't find it exciting enough. Thus, gravitating toward more routine forms of entertainment.

The Insight: Routines are meant to be broken.

The Solution: To ensure we captured the excitement of Horse Racing while breaking through the routine entertainment options, we created situations relevant to both Mainland and Hong Kong Chinese audiences.

And the results proved our point.

The Results:

  • Positive emotion saw a lift of 18% around Horse Racing and wager considerations among the TG

  • Over 5.1 million Impressions were delivered, exceeding the target by over 188%

  • 58% YoY increase in landing page views from Mainland Chinese

  • Garnered a total of 1.18 Million video views

  • Generated 24,587 clicks to the website, and overall CTR was increased by 26%

TV Commercial

Print Ad - Innovation

The Print Ad innovation is spread across three pages.

The two half pages show the horses racing and leading the reader to the full page ad where the copy gives them the choice of reading the same news or experience horse racing, live.

Out Of Home

We “Broke the Routine’ at the most routine of place, & in the most routine of activities - The Food Court & the Mall entrance.